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IOTA Constant Power LED emergency drivers feature the patented technology and were the first emergency LED drivers to be UL Classified for field installation

IOTA ILB-CP Product Reference

Below, you'll find quick reference links to ILB-CP Product Sheets, Installation Manuals, and convenient 'Copy and Paste' product specifications. Click on the product category to expand the selection.

» ILB-CP05 (5 Watt)
» ILB-CP07 (7 Watt)
» ILB-CP08 (8 Watt)
» ILB-CP10 (10 Watt)
» ILB-CP12 (12 Watt)
» ILB-CP20 (20 Watt)

Additional Links

ILB-CP Lumen Reference Chart
Our Lumen Reference Chart allows you to quickly identify ILB-CP units that meet your desired lumen levels.

Understanding Constant Power Emergency Lighting
Our quick reference of the benefits of applying true Constant Power performance to LED emergency lighting applications.

CP Series Compatibility and Suitability of Use
The CP Series Compatibility and Suitability of Use Addendum provides the complete UL guidelines for meeting field installation requirements.

IOTA Emergency Lighting Product Guide
The IOTA Emergency Lighting Product Guide provides detailed information on IOTA's full line of LED emergency driver solutions.

ILB-CP Wiring Reference Guide
A useful reference for understanding how the ILB-CP wires to the existing AC driver and LED array.

The ILB-CP Wiring Tutorial walks through the simple steps of wiring and testing an IOTA ILB-CP unit

The ILB-CP Constant Power Video provides a brief overview of the ILB-CP Series...

IOTA ILB-CP Performance Calculator

Enter the Forward Voltage (Vf) of your
LED array (10 to 60 VDC):

Enter your luminaire delivered efficacy (Lumens/watt):
Your luminaire efficacy information may be available at
the Designlights Consortium website.