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IOTA's ETS-20 Emergency Control Device

ETS-20  Emergency Control Device

Combining emergency lighting capabilities with enhanced energy-saving performance.

ETS-20 Product Information

ETS-20-DR Product Information

IOTA's ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR introduce new levels of emergency lighting capability for facilities and public spaces utilizing auxiliary power sources, such as a generator or inverter supply, for its code-required emergency egress lighting. The ETS-20 is a powerful control device that delivers increased functionality and energy savings for designated emergency loads connected to these auxiliary supplies.

The ETS-20-DR brings additional capability to designated emergency loads with unrivaled "Dual-Zone Dimming". This powerful tool allows for up to two dimming control devices to be applied to both normal and emergency lighting loads for increased control and energy savings.

IOTA ETS-20 Reference Guide
Read the ETS-20 Reference Guide for informative insight on the function and installation of the ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR.

Watch IOTA's ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR Product Video

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