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   IIS-375-LED UNIT INVERTER Specification Sheet in PDF format Installation Manual in PDF format Wiring Diagrams
IOTA IIS-375-LED Inverter Emergency Output
375 Watts (.9 to .9 Power Factor)

Lamps Operated
Designed specifically for LED

Emergency Operation
90 Minutes

Product Description

The IOTA IIS-375-LED is a UL Listed stand-alone sine wave output inverter designed to provide power to designated emergency lighting fixtures. In a power loss situation, the IOTA IIS-375-LED will supply 375W of power from the onboard battery supply. The IOTA IIS-375-LED is designed specifically for LED applications and capable of handling in-rush currents of LED drivers without de-rating load size from the full rated output. The IIS-375-LED will automatically run switched, normally-on, or normally-off designated emergency fixtures. The IIS-375-LED is ideal for applications requiring an emergency source for lighting arrangements that utilize multiple LED fixture types. The IIS-375-LED features a surface mount design and comes with a three-year warranty and seven-year pro-rata battery warranty.

Product Specifications


Dual (120/277, 60Hz)
500 Watts (Bulk Charge)

120/277VAC, 60Hz
375W (per NEMA 410) at 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging PF

Transfer Time Less than 1 second

Voltage Regulation on Emergency +/- 2% @ 15 to 110% load

Frequency Regulation on Emergency +/- 0.5%

Load Power Factor Range 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging PF

Operating Temp
20� to 30� C
(68� to 86� F)

114 lbs


UL 924 Listed
  • Emergency lighting supplied from one convenient source

  • Unique design capability for handling the harshest inrush requirements with no circuit de-rating

  • Pure sine wave output

  • Designed to operate multiple LED fixtures, including dimmable LED drivers

  • Includes momentary contact test switch, yellow ready indicator, green inverter-on indicator, and red charging indicator

  • Variable-rate, temperature-compensated charger

  • 12-Volt Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery provides long life and is maintenance-free

  • Line voltage allows for remote mounting of emergency fixtures at distances up to 1000 feet

  • Resettable output circuit breaker provides protection against circuit overload

  • Low Battery Voltage Disconnect

  • Line Latch Protection

  • Allows for operation of switched fixtures

  • Dimming Relay option for dimming control applications

  • Durable 16-gauge steel housing design with white semi-gloss powder coat paint finish

  • 3/7 Pro-Rata Warranty. See Warranty Page for details.

  • Meets or exceeds all National Electrical Code and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements

  • IIS-375-LED

  • IIS-375-LED-DR (Dimming Relay Option)
    Dimming Relay leads allow for a dimming signal to operate the luminaires in the desired, dimmed state during normal operation and then bypass the dimming control to operate the fixtures at full light output in the emergency mode. Additionally, if desired, the dimming leads can be wired to operate the luminaires at a reduced lumen output setting during emergency operation based on the dimmable driver(s) being used. Refer to the installation manual for details.


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