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IOTA IIS Micro-Inverters can be used with dimming controls by incorporating the IOTA ETS

June 23, 2016 -

New Video: Combining IOTA's IIS Micro-Inverter and ETS to enable the use of 0-10 volt dimming controls.

IOTA IIS Micro-Inverters are versatile units that can deliver emergency power to switched or unswitched fixtures. When combined with the ETS, the IOTA Micro-Inverter can also be used in conjunction with 0-10 volt dimming controls. This new video details the simple process of combining the IOTA IIS Micro-Inverter and the IOTA ETS to enable the use of a 0-10 volt dimming control in your fixture, and demonstrates how these devices will ensure that your emergency fixtures deliver required emergency illumination while benefiting from dimming controls.

Watch the video here!

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