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Using a Digital Display with an IOTA DLS Series Charger/Converter

September 29th, 2016 -

New Technical Article: Optimal Charging for Multiple Batteries in a Bank with the IOTA DLS.

Did you know that, when connecting multiple batteries in parallel to create a larger battery bank, not all batteries are treated equal? This technical article from IOTA explains how a common way of wiring batteries in parallel can cause some of your batteries to work harder and age faster than others, due to the effects of resistance in your battery leads. The article illustrates how the "Balanced Charging" wiring method can help you eliminate these effects for optimal performance

Click here to read the full article

For more information about using the IOTA DLS Series Charger/Converters for "Balanced Charging," and getting the most out of your battery investment,you can also call your IOTA Customer Service Team at 1-800-866-4682.

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