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The ETS-DR provides emergency control for both normal and dimming circuits from an auxiliary supply

The IOTA ETS-DR Delivers Enhanced Emergency Control for 0-10V Dimming Applications

IOTA's new ETS-DR enhances the Life Safety capabilities of today’s LED luminaires. Featuring our 'DR' dimming relay design, the ETS-DR now allows for both local switching control and 0-10V dimming on fixtures connected to an emergency generator or inverter supply! Since the ETS-DR can accommodate both the normally switched and 0-10 volt dimming leads of an AC driver or ballast, only one ETS-DR is needed to maintain your designated fixture's switching and dimming functions while maintaining readiness for emergency egress operation. Sensing a loss of normal power, the ETS-DR will cause the luminaire to operate at full lumen output regardless of switch or dimmer position - providing personal fixture control and promoting increased energy efficiency while still achieving your emergency lighting requirements.

Learn more about the new IOTA ETS-DR here or contact us at 1-800-866-4682!

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