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IOTA's New Emergency Ballast for 4-Pin T-LED Lamps

The new I-4PT-A Emergency Ballast is IOTA's first emergency ballast specifically tailored to operate 4-Pin LED Retrofit Lamp designs! The new I-4PT-A works in conjunction with the existing AC ballast technology to operate 4-pin compact LED lamp designs for 90 minutes during a loss of normal power. The I-4PT-A is UL Listed as an emergency solution for a wide assortment of popular manufacturer LED lamp designs. A full list of current compatible lamp types can be found on the I-4PT-A specification page.

The minimal dual-flex design makes the I-4PT-A IOTA's smallest CA Title 20 Certified solution for LED retrofit applications! To learn more about the IOTA I-4PT-A Emergency Ballast, visit us online or call us at 1-800-866-4682.

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