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New XB harness option for Select ILB-CP Emergency Drivers

Reduce overall install time and potential wiring issues with IOTA's new XB Harness option! The XB harness features push-in connection ports that eliminate the need for hardwire connections to the LED array, the switched and unswitched input, and the test accessory. Read our new XB Technical Application Brief for a detailed look on how the XB harness brings more value to the install process.

The XB mounting option is currently available for the ILB CP10 and ILBSL CP05 Emergency LED Drivers. This new mounting option combined with Constant Power performance and Auto-Sense Class 2 forward voltage make the ILB CP10 XB and ILBSL CP05 XB versatile and powerful emergency solutions for almost any LED driver and array application. Download the new Tech App Brief or contact our IOTA Customer Service Team at 1-800-866-4682 for further information.

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