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New IOTA Central Inverter Systems!

IOTAŽ Central Inverters...Emergency Lighting for Any Fixture. Any Place. Any Time

IOTA has now expanded its popular emergency inverter line to include large IIS Central Inverter Systems capable of servicing emergency lighting requirements up to 50kVA. IOTA IIS Central Inverter systems offer several emergency solutions designed to meet the demands of varying lighting applications such as capacity requirements, load technology, voltage specifications, physical and environmental considerations, and desired performance criteria.

IOTA IIS Central Inverters include:

  • Single-Phase and Three-Phase inverters (ranging from 1kVA to 50kVA)
  • Specialized modular and compact designs for limited space requirements
  • Outdoor-rated inverters with NEMA 3R enclosures
  • Seismic Mounting and Shaker-Testing options

All IIS Central Inverters Systems feature self-diagnostic capability, maintenance-free VRLA sealed batteries, durable steel cabinet designs, and selectable product options.

For complete product specifications, visit You can also learn more by watching our IIS Central Inverter introduction video or download our IIS Central Inverters PDF.

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