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IOTA's new 30W emergency driver for 55-200VDC luminaires!

The IOTAŽ 30W Solution for High Voltage LED Applications

The IOTA ILBLP CP30 HE SD HV emergency LED driver combines impressive constant power performance and other features into a powerful, convenient egress solution for specialized high-voltage LED designs. The ILBLP CP30 delivers an undiminishing 30 watts of emergency illumination for non-Class 2 LED systems between 55-250VDC. The 30W output is IOTA's most powerful emergency wattage to date, providing impressive emergency egress lighting levels (3000 lumens for a 100 lm/w efficacy) for elevated ceilings and high bay fixtures. Additionally, the ILBLP CP30 is self-testing/self-diagnostic to automatically conduct the code-required monthly and annual tests, eliminating the challenges of manually testing in these raised fixture applications.

Additional advantages include:

  • Reduced weight with low profile lithium battery technology
  • High-Efficiency design meets CA Title 20 energy performance requirements
  • AC-Activate circuitry eliminates the need for manual battery connection during installation
  • Single Flex and Dual Flex mounting configurations
To learn more about non-Class 2 solutions, view our "HV" Emergency Driver Reference PDF here...

To see complete specifications for the ILBLP CP30 HE SD HV, go to! As always, feel free to contact the IOTA Sales Team at 1-800-866-4682 for further information.

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