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IOTA's new 18W emergency driver for  -20° to 60°C applications

New! IOTAŽ 18W Constant Power Emergency Driver for -20° to 60°C

The IOTA ILB CP18 HE CW emergency LED driver utilizes a robust sealed lead acid battery design and ingress-protected test accessory for emergency performance in demanding outdoor conditions. The 18W constant power output delivers 2300 emergency lumens for a 130 lm/w fixture design, providing optimal illumination along potentially hazardous exterior paths of egress and exit points. The ILB CP18 electronics are contained in a minimal galvanized enclosure and the sealed battery design is available as a single or dual battery component to meet a variety of compartment installation scenarios. The included single-piece IPS test switch and charge indicator is IP67 rated to protect against moisture and debris penetration.

Additional features include:

  • Auto-sense 20-58VDC Forward Voltage Output
  • UL Listed for U.S. and Canada
  • High-Efficiency design meets CA Title 20 energy performance requirements
  • Three-Year Warranty

Read our ILB CP18 Product Spotlight PDF to learn more or see complete specifications at! As always, feel free to contact the IOTA Sales Team at 1-800-866-4682 for further information.

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