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Check to see if any filters have been left applied from the panel to the left.

Please contact IOTA with any additional questions, or to check the testing status of an LED retrofit lamp.

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Compatible IOTA Emergency Solutions:


All LED lamps included above have been tested and confirmed to be compatible with their corresponding IOTA emergency solutions. Select LED retrofit lamps have been added to the IOTA UL Listing documentation as "listed" compatible products. Lamps that have been granted this distinction are noted as "UL Listed." Otherwise, lamps that have not yet been added to the UL file are indicated as "Compatible."

Solution Features

Solution Features

Each IOTA emergency solution features several key benefits for applications involving your LED retrofit lamps. One of these key benefits is detailed in the column below. For more information about the features of each IOTA solution, click on their name to visit their product specification page.

Selector Lead Status

Selector Lead Status

Certain IOTA emergency solutions are equipped with Lamp Selector Leads for optimizing the performance of the emergency lamp. Refer to the recommendation listed in the column below for Selector Lead instructions. Any Selector Leads not mentioned should be capped separately. Solutions without Lamp Selector Leads are indicated with "N/A."



For two lamp operation, the total light output will be split between both lamps. For example, an emergency ballast powering a single lamp providing 1000 lumens, will power two lamps providing 500 lumens each.

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We are continuously updating our list of qualified LED retrofit lamps as they are tested and approved by IOTA engineers. It is possible that your lamp has not been tested yet.

However, to be sure, there are a few steps you can take:

1: Check if you have a filter applied

Lamp Types^

A filter left applied can potentially remove your lamp from the search.

Applied filters are darker in color, and feature an "X" on their right side.

2: Try searching with a different model name/number

Lamps may be given multiple identifying names or numbers (ex: model number, product number, order number, etc.).

Try searching for your lamp under multiple designations, and ensure that these designations were given by the lamp manufacturer only.

3: Make sure you are typing the model number correctly

If using the Lamp Search Bar, make sure you are trying in the correct model number or other designation for your lamp.

Model numbers or other designations must be the original identifiers provided by the lamp manufacturer.

If you still cannot find your LED retrofit lamp, it is likely that it is still being tested by IOTA, or has not yet been submitted to IOTA for testing.

For any additional questions, or if you would like to check the testing status of an LED retrofit lamp, please contact IOTA at 1-800-866-4682.

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If you are an LED Retrofit Lamp Manufacturer and would like to have your lamp added to IOTA's certified LED retrofit database, please fill out the information below.

After submitting, someone from IOTA will contact you within 24 hours to begin the process of testing and certifying your lamp

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We would like to thank all of our LED manufacturing partners for helping us to provide verified and dependable emergency solutions for LED retrofit applications.