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Welcome to IOTA Engineering...
IOTA is a leading manufacturer of emergency lighting equipment, AC/DC power converters, and fluorescent DC inverter ballasts. Our innovative and reliable product designs are widely used throughout many diverse industries...

Emergency Lighting Products
Our integral emergency battery packs and emergency unit inverters provide dependable emergency lighting solutions for a wide range of fixture, lamp type, and environmental demands.

Power Converters and Battery Chargers
IOTA's durable DLS Series Battery Chargers and Power Converters deliver clean AC/DC power conversion for fast, safe charging of batteries or for operation of DC loads in industrial, electrical vehicle, RV, and telecommunication applications.

DC Inverter Ballasts
IOTA DC Inverter Ballasts are some of the most efficient and dependable ballast designs available today for operating fluorescent lamps from a DC supply. Industry applications include military, aerospace, industrial, photo-voltaic, and commercial uses.

The new I-160 and I-162 Series AC
IOTA introduces the I-160 and I-162 Series AC, delivering AC output for fully-optimized performance and superior lamp life expectancy for new lamp technologies.

See our latest IIS Inverter Solutions
IOTA expands the IIS Inverter Series line with two new inverter solutions: the IIS-375-LED designed with In-Rush Capability specifically for LED applications, and the IIS-550-I with an increased load capacity of 550 watts. Learn more about the IIS Inverter Series here..

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