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What's New in IOTA Power Products

What Our Users Had to Say:

"I love the features. With the IQ4, the batteries are quickly charged and then the charger cuts back to a trickle charge. I'm impressed with the performance"

"Quiet and dependable. Float charges my 150 amp hour backup battery at 13.6 volts effortlessly."

"They make a good product and stand behind what they sell - I highly recommend IOTA."

"Excellent device. I use it to keep a solar bank topped up. Plug it in and forget it."

"Installation was straightforward and smooth. Restored 12 volt power to our 5th wheel, so we're very satisfied."

"IOTA engineering is legendary in the solar industry and folks who are off-the-grid swear by these units, and for good reason, too. They just work. Period. All day, every day."

"It was so reliable, that I bought another for my RV when I needed to replace my 120 to 12 volt converter when it went bad. It runs 24/7 without any issues."

"We've been using the same IOTA DLS units in demanding mining operations for over 15 years and they are still operating perfectly. In fact, we recently upgraded our system and installed the same units in our upgrade."

IOTA Power Converters and Battery Chargers

Using state-of-the-art, switch-mode technology, IOTA Power Converter/Battery Chargers are engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind. Extra care has been given to insure many years of service-free operation, even when subjected to extremely harsh conditions. DLS multi-stage chargers ensure that deep cycle batteries are charged quickly and efficiently without over-charging, and pumps, motors, and fans operate perfectly for prolonged life.

Dual-State Charging

The IOTA DLS Series Chargers feature a Dual-State charging design, operating as both a constant current and constant voltage battery charger, automatically selecting the optimal charging method for your battery's needs - delivering efficient, safe, and faster charging.

Line / Load Control

IOTA Chargers and Converters provide tight line/load control for your applications, converting your AC voltage into clean, steady DC power for your battery or DC load. Preventing erratic DC output helps protect sensitive equipment from damage or shutdown from unexpected overloads, and pumps, fans, and motors operate smoothly and confidently for optimal life.

Switch-Mode Design

The Switch-Mode design allows the DLS to provide exceptional performance from a significantly reduced footprint. The minimal size and lower operating temperature make IOTA models a popular and simple solution for limited space applications!

IQ4 Smart Charge Control

The IQ4 Smart Charge Controller protects your battery by turning any DLS charger into an automatic smart charger, giving the user the benefit of Bulk, Absorption, and Float stage charging. The IQ4 is available as an external accessory that plugs into the DLS charger, or as an internal unit already built into the DLS.

"We've been using the same IOTA DLS units in demanding mining operations for over 15 years and they are still operating perfectly. In fact, we recently upgraded our system and installed the same units in our upgrade"

Brad Hochmiller
Field Assets Support Tech NA
Mining Services

IOTA Power Products Guide
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