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IOTA DC Inverter Ballasts

IOTA has been involved with the production of low voltage high frequency (electronic) ballasts for fluorescent lamps since 1968. The original IOTA DC Inverter Ballast paved the way for the design and development of special high intensity fluorescent lights installed aboard the SKYLAB spacecraft. Today, IOTA continues to develop numerous ballasts for military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial applications. IOTA DC Inverter Ballasts are one of the most efficient and dependable ballast designs available for operating a wide range of fluorescent lamps for a number of different input voltages.

Features Include:
  • Models operate a wide range of fluorescent lamps
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low EMI emissions
  • Energy efficient
  • Designed for long life
  • Reliable starts - wide operating voltages assure consistent performance
  • Inherent circuit protection to ensure low RFI - conductive and inductive
  • High frequency switching eliminates lamp flicker
DC Inverter Ballast Guide
DC Ballast Guide
The DC Ballast Guide is a convenient PDF document detailing the different IOTA DC ballast options...

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