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IOTA IIS Series Emergency Inverters

IIS Unit Inverters combine IOTA Engineering's extensive experience in innovative emergency lighting technology with durable and reliable inverter system design. The IIS Series delivers cost-effective inverter solutions for today's emergency lighting demands.

IIS Series offers both Mini-Inverter (125W to 550W) solutions for LED, fluorescent incandescent, and HID applications and Micro-Inverter (25W to 50W) solutions for LED, fluorescent, and incandescent.

Inverter advantages include...

One solution for operating lighting loads comprised of different fixture and lamp types: LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and HID.

The IIS delivers full light output for the required duration, keeping paths of egress properly illuminated during an emergency power loss.

Line voltage allows for operating fixtures up to 1000 feet away. Keep stairwells, elevated ceilings, and outdoor paths of egress in complete illumination from one central supply.

UL 924 Listed

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