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IOTA PoE-CP12 Power-Over-Ethernet Emergency Drivers

IOTA Emergency LED Drivers
The IOTA ILB-CP Series provides simple and confident emergency capability to your LED designs. The ILB-CP emergency LED driver installs within the LED fixture and provides emergency lighting in the event of a power loss without the need for additional lighting equipment. IOTA ILB-CP Emergency Drivers have lead the way in UL Listed Solutions for field and factory installation and include test switch and charge indicator accessories, a long-life recyclable Ni-Cad battery, and are backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

True Constant Power Design
ILB-CP Emergency Drivers feature patented Constant Power technology which provides consistent wattage to the LED array, delivering the specified lumen output for the full emergency runtime. Eliminate concerns of non-compliance with egress requirements caused by the varying output of constant current or "regulated constant power" emergency drivers. Available in 5, 7, 10, 12, 20 watt models, Slimline profiles, and 10W open board and external battery designs.

Class 2 10-60 VDC Output
IOTA ILB-CP units are designed with unique auto-adjusting Class 2 forward voltage (Vf) output of 10 to 60 VDC. Reduce inventory SKUs and avoid spending extra resources to match varying LED driver specifications. The IOTA ILB-CP Series is the only driver UL Listed and Classified to operate with any Class 2 output driver, offering wider compatibility for your LED applications.

IOTA Emergency Lighting Solutions
The 44-page IOTA Emergency Lighting Product Guide details ouor full LED emergency driver options...

ILB-CP Toolkit
Our ILB-CP Specifier's Toolkit puts you one click away from helpful resources like Copy and Paste specs, STEP files, and our ILB-CP Performance Calculator.

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