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IOTA Technical Services and Resources
Welcome to the IOTA Media Room
Find the latest news and information on IOTA's Emergency Lighting and AC/DC Power Products...
Come See Us at LEDucation in NYC Come See IOTA at LEDucation, March 12-13 in NYC
LEDucation is just around the corner! Be sure to visit IOTA in the Grand Ballroom at Booth #1025 to get the latest info on our versatile line of LED emergency lighting solutions...
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Saving Energy with the IIS-550-HE Increased Energy Savings with the IIS-550-HE Inverter
The IOTA IIS-550-HE Inverter System was specifically engineered to decrease power consumption in traditional emergency lighting inverter applications...
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New Video Explores the Application and Benefits of the ETS-DR New Video: Using Controls on Generator-Powered Emergency Lighting with the ETS-DR
IOTA has expanded its "HE" High-Efficiency product line with the release of the IIS-550-HE Inverter System...
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IOTA Introduces the IIS-550-HE High-Efficiency Mini-Inverter IOTA Introduces the IIS-550-HE Mini Inverter Solution for CEC Title 20 Requirements
IOTA has expanded its "HE" High-Efficiency product line with the release of the IIS-550-HE Inverter System...
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Learn More about the new IQ Turbo for DLS New Video Explores the Benefits of the IQ Turbo Charge Controller
Learn more about the advantages and applications of the new IOTA IQ Turbo Smart Controller for DLS in our latest video...
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Download the new ILB-CP Lumen Reference Chart Now Available: The IOTA ILB-CP Lumen Reference Chart
IOTA's new ILB-CP Lumen Reference Chart alows you to easily identify the best emergency LED drivers for your desired emergency lumen output...
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Visit IOTA at the LED Specifier Summit in Denver Visit IOTA at the LED Specifier Summit in Denver
IOTA will be exhibiting at Booth# 327 at the LED Specifier Summit in Denver on September 26th...
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IOTA PoE-CP12 Selected for IES 2018 Progress Report IOTA's PoE-CP12 Selected for the 2018 IES Progress Report
IOTA's ground-breaking Power-over-Ethernet emergency LED driver has been selected for inclusion in Illuminating Engineering Society's 2018 Progress Report...
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IOTA's ILB-CP Wiring Video has been Updated to Include ILB-CP-SD Models IOTA's ILB-CP Wiring Video has been Updated to Include Self Diagnostic "-SD" Models
Step through the simple installation, wiring, and testing of an ILB-CP LED Emergency Driver with IOTA's updated ILB-CP Wiring Video...
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We're celebrating 50 years of innovation and achievement IOTA Is Recognizing 50 Years of Innovations and Achievements!
To celebrate our 50 Years of Operation, we're highlighting fifty milestones and achievements at #IOTA50Years...
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2018 Emergency Product Guide Now Available IOTA's 2018 Emergency Lighting Solutions Guide is Now Available!
The 2018 IOTA Product Guide has been updated to include the latest emergency lighting product and is available in both digital and print versions...
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See the IOTA highlights from LFI 2018!
The IOTA exhibit at this year's Lightfair was a fantastic sucess! Thank you to everyone who helped make it a memorable event...
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IOTA's Power-Over-Ethernet Emergency Solution Earns Best in Category at LFI!
IOTA's PoE-CP12 Power-over-Ethernet Emergency LED Driver was awarded 'Best in Category' at this year's LFI Innovation Awards...
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2018 Lighfair Preview
Lightfair 2018 in Chicago is going to be IOTA's biggest Lightfair yet! Join us as we celebrate 50 Years of Operation...
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IOTA's New ETS-STEP Auxiliary Control Device
IOTA's new ETS-STEP Control Device allows bi-level, step-dimming controls for fixtures on the designated generator or inverter circuit...
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Slim Profile, High Efficiency LED Emergency Drivers for CEC Compliance
IOTA has expanded our CEC Compliant emergency solutions to include Slim-Profile LED Emergency Drivers for 8 and 10 Watt Fixtures...
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New IOTA Tech Brief: Qualifying Emergency Lighting to NEMA 410 Standards
Understanding the impacts of inrush on emergency lighting can eliminate possibilities of critical emergency egress failures...
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New IQ Smart Charging Profiles for DLS!
IOTA's new IQ Smart Charge Controllers allow your existing DLS battery charger to automatically accommodate a variety of battery technologies and applications...
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High Bay - Low Maintenance: IOTA's 20W Self-Testing Emergency Driver
IOTA's ILB-CP20-HE-SD combines full 20-watt constant power emergency output with automatic monthly and annual testing...
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IOTA's Product Wiring Diagrams are Now Available in DWG (AutoCAD) Format
Download all of IOTA's Product Wiring Diagrams in DWG (AutoCAD) format for quick integration into your CAD Software...
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Watch the IOTA Inverter Installation Video on Youtube New Video: How to Wire and Install an IOTA IIS Series Mini-Inverter
Take a tour of IOTA's most versatile life safety solution from operation to installation and wiring...
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New IOTA Power Products Guide Is Now Available The 2018 IOTA Power Products Guide
The latest Power Products Guide combines IOTA DLS and DLS-X Power Converters and Battery Charger information in one handy reference...
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IOTA Tech Brief Details the Advantages of superior thermal performance New Tech Brief: The Advantages of Superior Thermal Performance
IOTA product designs undergo thorough temperature and thermal analysis to deliver optimal life and performance for your Life Safety requirements...
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IOTA's CEC-Compliant Emergency Drivers now UL Listed for Canada IOTA's "HE" High-Efficiency Emergency LED Drivers are now UL LIsted for Canada
IOTA's CEC-Compliant ILB-CP Constant Power Emergency Drivers are now both UL and cUL Listed...
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New Solutions added to the LED Retrofit Tube Database New Updates to the IOTA LED Retrofit Solutions Database
We've added new manufacturer lamps to our growing LED Retrofit Solutions Database of compatible lamp and emergency ballast combinations...
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New IOTA Emergency Solutions Guide includes latest PoE and Dimming Products Updated IOTA Emergency Lighting Product Guide Now Available
IOTA's newly-updated product guide now includes IOTA's latest emergency lighting options, such as Power-Over-Ethernet and CEC-Compliant solutions...
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New CEC-Compliant Emergency Lighting Solutions Available IOTA's Ground-Breaking Power-Over-Ethernet Emergency LED Driver
IOTA's PoE-CP12 delivers IOTA's innovative emergency LED solutions to today's PoE / IoT smart lighting applications...
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New CEC-Compliant Emergency Lighting Solutions Available New CEC-Compliant Emergency Lighting Solutions Available
IOTA has added the new ILB-CP05-HE Emergency LED Driver to the family of CEC-Compliant "HE" High-Efficiency emergency lighting solutions...
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Protecting Your Egress Lighting Against Surge New Tech Brief: Protecting Your Egress Lighting Against Surge
Electrical transients (commonly referred to as surge) can have extreme effects on electrical equipment. Enhanced surge protection is key for ensuring your critical emergency egress equipment performs when you need it most...
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Introducing the first CEC-compliant emergency lighting inverter IOTA Releases the First CEC-Compliant Emergency Micro-Inverter
IOTA's new IIS-35-HE 35 Watt Micro-Inverter is a powerful CEC Compliant emergency lighting solution, capable of delivering full light output to almost any emergency fixture type...
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10 Enhanced Features of the IOTA DLS-X New Video: 10 Enhanced Features of the IOTA DLS-X
Dive into the enhanced features of the IOTA DLS-X Battery Charger / Power Converters with this new video from IOTA...
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IOTA welcomes Power & Lighting Systems in Southeastern Florida IOTA Welcomes Power & Lighting Systems in the Southeastern Florida region
IOTA is happy to welcome Power & Lighting Systems, Inc. as our newest representative in the Southeastern Florida region...
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Watch IOTA's new video on its Self-Diagnostic LED Emergency Drivers New Video: IOTA's Self Diagnostic ILB-CP-HE-SD LED Emergency Drivers for Convenient Life-Safety Compliance
This new video from IOTA details the key time-saving and safety benefits of installing IOTA ILB-CP-HE-SD LED Emergency Drivers within your emergency fixtures...
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IOTA's new ETS-DR Emergency Control Device for 0-10V Dimming IOTA's new ETS-DR Emergency Control Device for 0-10V Dimming
IOTA's new ETS-DR allows for both local switching control and 0-10V dimming on fixtures connected to an emergency generator or inverter supply...
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New Tech Brief details the benefits of constant power emergency lighting New Tech Brief Details the Benefits of Constant Power Emergency Drivers
IOTA's latest technical resource explains how implementing constant power emergency LED drivers can improve your emergency egress illumination and save project costs...
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Newly Expanded Warehouse Operations Provide Faster Deliveries Additional East Coast Warehouse Provides Faster Shipping for East Coast Customers
IOTA is happy to announce that our new shipping facility is now servicing customers as of Sept. 1. The additional warehouse in Columbus, Ohio is ideally located and fully stocked with IOTA inventory...
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IOTA's Constant Power Emergency LED Driver for High Voltage Applications IOTA's ILB-CP20-HE-HV for High Voltage LED Fixtures
IOTA's ILB-CP20-HE-HV offers 20W Constant Power performance for Class 1 LED applications ranging from 50 to 200Vdc...
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IOTA's Self-Test LED Emergency Driver for Field and Factory Installation IOTA Introduces the First UL Listed Self-Testing Emergency LED Driver
IOTA's ILB-CP10-HE-SD Emergency Driver combines patented Constant Power illumination with automatic self-testing technology for optimal Life-Safety egress performance
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IOTA's New Emergency Lighting Solutions Product Guide IOTA's New 44-Page Emergency Lighting Solutions Guide
The New IOTA Emergency Lighting Product Guide combines all of IOTA's LED emergency driver, mini and micro inverter designs, auxiliary transfer devices, and emergency ballasts for LED retrofit and fluorescent lamps in one convenient resource...
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The new CEC Compliant I-320-HE Introducing the I-320-HE CEC-Compliant Emergency Ballast
IOTA's I-320-HE is the first emergency solution to bring CEC-compliance to LED retrofit and fluorescent lamp applications...
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Watch our 2017 Lightfair Preview Visit IOTA at Lightfair, Booth 1233!
Be sure to visit the IOTA exhibit at Lightfair, May 9 thru 11! Watch our latest video to catch a preview of our emergency lighting innovations...
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IOTA Welcomes New Regional Sales Managers IOTA Welcomes Two New Regional Sales Managers
IOTA is pleased to announce the addition of Matt Carlson and Greg Dixon to the IOTA Regional Sales Management Team...
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Balance Charging 6-Volt Batteries with the IOTA DLS Series New Tech Resource: Balance Charging 6-Volt Batteries with the IOTA DLS Series
The latest IOTA Tech Resource demonstrates how to deliver balanced charging for battery banks comprised of 6-volt batteries...
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Visit IOTA at LEDucation 2017, March 28-29th, NY See Us at LEDucation 2017, March 28-29th, NY Hilton Midtown
If you are attending this year's LEDucation event in New York on March 28th and 29th, be sure to visit IOTA at Booth GB 705...
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IOTA's ILB-CP LED Emergency Drivers are UL Listed for Factory and Field Installation IOTA ILB-CP LED Emergency Drivers are Now UL Listed for Field or Factory Installation
Raising the bar once again, IOTA's ILB-CP LED Emergency Drivers have received the first UL Listing for field or factory installation...
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IOTA has expanded their CEC Compliant Solutions We've Expanded Our CEC Compliant LED Emergency Options...Now With 7, 10 and 20 Watts!
With the release of the ILB-CP07-HE, IOTA has expanded their LED Emergency Drivers capable of meeting the California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency standards...
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New color-coded labeling for IQ4 smart charge controllers New Product Video: IOTA's 20-Watt Emergency LED Driver
This new video from IOTA demonstrates how the ILB-CP20-HE can be the perfect emergency lighting solution for your high-lumen and elevated LED applications...
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New color-coded labeling for IQ4 smart charge controllers An Easy Way to Know Your IOTA Smart-Charging Options
So that users can easily distinguish the unique charging capability of their IQ4 units, we have implemented color-coded labeling on the various models...
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Newly-Redesigned LED Retrofit Solutions Database Explore the Newly-Redesigned LED Retrofit Solutions Database
Our new LED Retrofit Solutions Database features a fresh new design to make it easier than ever to find the best emergency ballast solution for your LED tube lamp application...
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UPC Codes for Newest IOTA Products Are Now Available UPC Codes Are Now Available For IOTA's Newest Products
Our UPC Product Reference has been updated with new UPC Codes for IIS Micro-Inverters and the ILB-CP-HE CEC-Compliant Emergency LED Drivers...
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The new 10-Watt IOTA ILB-CP10-HE CEC Compliant LED Emergency Driver The New CEC-Compliant Emergency LED Driver from IOTA!
IOTA's new ILB-CP10-HE Emergency LED Driver meets 2017 California Energy Commission Performance Standards...
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The new 20-Watt ILB-CP20-HE LED Emergency Driver from IOTA Introducing the First 20-Watt Constant Power Emergency LED Driver!
The ILB-CP20-HE combines IOTA's patented Constant Power technology with increased 20-Watt output performance for higher lumen delivery...
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Don't Forget About IOTA's Newly-Expanded Hours of Availability IOTA's Newly Expanded Hours of Availability!
With the addition of Laura Dailey to the IOTA Customer Support Team, we now have the capability of serving our East and Central Time Zone customers as they start their day...
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New Models Added to the IOTA LED Retrofit Database More LED Lamps Added to the IOTA LED Retrofit Database!
IOTA continues to be the leader in emergency solutions for LED retrofit lamp designs! We've added more compatible lamp options to our LED Retrofit Database...
View the Database here

Check Out IOTA's Newly Designed Technical Library Newly Designed IOTA Tech Library Helps You Find Information Even Faster!
We have completely redesigned our technical support web page to give our customers even quicker access to the wealth of industry, product, and technical information that IOTA has to offer...
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Achieve Perfectly-Balanced Charging on Your Battery Bank Achieve Perfectly-Balanced Charging For Your Battery Bank!
Our latest Technical Article shows the benefits and steps to achieving a perfectly-balanced wiring configuration for your battery bank investment...
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New IOTA Resources Available for FEMA 2-Hour Runtime Applications
To help understand the different inverter, LED driver, and fluorescent emergency ballast solutions, we now provide the IOTA Emergency Lighting for 2-Hour FEMA Operation Application Reference...
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New IOTA Video: Adding a Digital Display To Your DLS Charger
Did you know that a digital display can be used with the IOTA DLS Series Charger/Converters? These displays can be an excellent way to track the many powerful features or accessories of the DLS in action....
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UPC Codes Available for Select IOTA Models
IOTA has assigned UPC codes to select ILB-CP and Fluorescent Emergency Models. These codes have been established to aid our customers who use UPC barcodes for tracking, receiving, and re-sale applications....
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IOTA Awarded Patent for ILB-CP Constant Power Emergency LED Drivers
IOTA is proud to announce that the ILB-CP Constant Power Emergency LED Driver Series has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark office...
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New IOTA Emergency LED Driver for 2-Hour FEMA Applications
IOTA's new ILB-CP07-2H LED Emergency Driver brings confident, UL Classified emergency capability to FEMA two-hour applications! Combining IOTA's innovative constant power technology with an increased 120 minute runtime, the ILB-CP07-2H delivers emergency capability to Class 2 LED fixtures for FEMA tornado shelters and safe rooms...
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Accommodating Dimming Controls with the IOTA Micro-Inverter and ETS Control Device [Video]
IOTA IIS Micro-Inverters are versatile units that can deliver emergency power to switched or unswitched fixtures. When combined with the ETS, the IOTA Micro-Inverter can also be used in conjunction with 0-10 volt dimming controls...
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New LED Retrofit Solutions
We have added new compatible LED retrofit tube lamps to our LED retrofit solutions library, listing LED fluorescent tube replacements that are compatible with IOTA's AC output fluorescent emergency ballasts...
Visit the LED Retrofit Selector Tool

Discover 10 Powerful Features of the IOTA DLS Series!
Are you taking advantage of all the great features and benefits of the IOTA DLS Charger/Converter? Our 10 Powerful Features of the DLS is a fast, insightful presentation for understanding the important design characteristics of the DLS...
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QR Access on IOTA DLS Battery Chargers and Converters
QR codes will now be featured on new DLS unit labels, allowing for quick access to specific product details on your mobile device! All you need is a QR scanner app, and the QR code does the rest...
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ETS Redesigned to NEMA 410 Standards for LEDs
IOTA'S ETS Emergency Control Device has been newly redesigned to operate LED fixtures per NEMA 410 requirements, making it an excellent solution for achieving increased energy savings and improved lighting control for LED fixtures up to 3 amps continuous...
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Video: Emergency Solutions for LED Retrofit
LED Retrofit Technology is a popular way to bring the benefits of LED energy savings to existing fluorescent fixtures. When converting a lighting space to LED, however, you'll still need to comply with local and federal emergency egress requirements...
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Follow IOTA on Twitter!
You can now find IOTA on Twitter! Visit the IOTA Twitter page and follow us to stay updated with the latest IOTA news and info!
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IOTA Introduces the IIS-35-I Micro-Inverter Solution
IOTA is proud to introduce the new IIS-35-I Micro-Inverter Solution into the IIS Inverter product family! The IIS-35-I provides selectable 120 or 277 VAC emergency power to a connected load up to 35 watts...
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UPC Codes Now Available for DLS Chargers and Converters
UPC codes are now available for the IOTA DLS Series, making handling and transactions for DLS chargers and converters simpler for IOTA distributors...
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See IOTA at Lightfair, San Diego!
We're excited about the upcoming Lightfair event in San Diego, April 26-28. Be sure to visit us at Booth 1745...
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The New IOTA DLS Series Product Showcase
IOTA has created a new DLS Series Showcase page on LinkedIn, compiling the latest DLS Series news, information, and product resources on one convenient page!
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Visit IOTA at This Year's LEDucation Event, Booth #51
If you are attending this year's LEDucation event in New York on March 29th and 30th, be sure to visit IOTA at Booth 51.
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The New IOTA ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR Emergency Lighting Control
IOTA is proud to announce the release of the new ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR Emergency Lighting Control Device...allowing for the use of multiple switched fixtures on a 20-amp emergency circuit powered by an auxiliary generator or inverter supply!
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IOTA Video: Series and Parallel Operation with the DLS Charger
Now on YouTube...Series and Parallel Operation with IOTA DLS Chargers. IOTA DLS Series Charger/Converters can be connected in Series or Parallel for use in a wide range of applications and charging situations...
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IOTA IIS Tech Brief: New Circuit Breaker Configuration
A new IOTA Technical Brief regarding the IIS Inverter Series circuit breaker is now available on-line. The new brief details a recent change in the IIS circuit breaker configuration...
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IOTA DLS Chargers and ALM® Batteries
IOTA's new Technical Brief summarizes the recent test results of NEC Energy Solutions' ALM® Lithium-Ion Battery Designs with IOTA DLS Series Battery Chargers...
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IOTA LED Retrofit Solutions
IOTA now offers emergency ballast solutions for select LED retrofit tube applications! To help you select an emergency solution for your LED retrofit lamp, we have developed an on-line IOTA LED Retrofit Solutions Tool...
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The ILB-CP Wiring Reference Guide
IOTA's new ILB-CP Wiring Reference Guide is designed as a companion piece for the new ILB-CP wiring video tutorial. The Reference Guide offers a PDF alternative to the video for quickly printing out the steps for installing an ILB-CP emergency driver to your LED luminaire...
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