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The new DLS-UI-27-40 with Power Factor Correction

March 12, 2015 -

IOTA is pleased to introduce the DLS-UI-27-40, the first IOTA battery charger and power converter featuring IOTA's new Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology. The PFC design of the DLS-UI-27-40 provides more efficient consumption of utility power and allows for operation of the unit from a standard 15A circuit.

The DLS-UI-27-40 is a 40 amp charger/converter for 24V DC applications, and also features a Universal AC Input design to accept 120 to 240 VAC voltages, utilizing an IEC receptacle for accepting the required AC voltage power cord.

For further product information, visit the IOTA website to download the product specification sheet and installation manual, as well as the newly updated IOTA DLS Product Guide, or call your IOTA Customer Service Team at 1-800-866-4682.

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