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IOTA Introduces the 10W CEC-Compliant Constant Power LED Emergency Driver

January 3, 2017 -

New CEC-Compliant ILB-CP10-HE Emergency LED Driver

IOTA’s new ILB-CP10-HE Emergency LED Driver features a high-efficiency micro-processor design to achieve compliance with 2017 California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements. The ILB-CP10-HE manages the charging efficiency of the battery while in the recovery and maintenance modes to minimize power consumption without affecting emergency performance. The ILB-CP10-HE is officially registered with the CEC as a qualified emergency solution for use in California.

Additionally, the ILB-CP10-HE utilizes our patented Constant Power design to deliver 10W of non-diminishing emergency illumination for the entire runtime, auto-sensing 10-60Vdc Class 2 output for wider LED compatibility, enhanced surge protection, and is UL Classified for field and factory installation.

Visit the IOTA Website for complete ILB-CP10-HE product details or contact us at 1-800-866-4682 should you have any questions!

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