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IOTA's Self-Testing Emergency LED Driver us UL Listed for Field or Factory Installation

IOTA's High Voltage LED Emergency Drivers for 50-200 Vdc Applications!

The new ILB-CP20-HE-HV from IOTA brings crucial life-saving emergency egress capability for higher voltage LED applications. High-bay, mid-bay, or other high lumen fixtures utilizing 50-200 vdc LEDs can take advantage of the 20-watt output of the ILB-CP20-HE-HV to deliver confident, code-required emergency lighting.

Additional features include:

  • Patented Constant Power output means no degradation of emergency illumination for the entire runtime.

  • High-efficiency microprocessor design for CEC energy compliance

  • Three mounting configurations to match your luminaire requirements

  • UL Listed for Field and Factory Installation

Learn more about the IOTA ILB-CP20-HE-HV Emergency Driver here or contact us at 1-800-866-4682!

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