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The IIS-550-HE Inverter is IOTA's latest High-Efficiency Title 20 Emergency Solution

IOTA's First High-Efficiency Emergency Lighting Mini-Inverter

IOTA is pleased to announce the launch of our new IIS-550-HE Unit Inverter Equipment - the latest addition to IOTA's "HE" High Efficiency emergency solutions product line. The IIS-550-HE delivers a full 550 watts of emergency power and is rated to NEMA 410 standards, meaning the IIS-550-HE does not require de-rating to accommodate potential inrush from LED loads. Additionally, the IIS-550-HE features IOTA's DR Dimming Relay leads to accommodate 0-10V dimming applications.

With the introduction of the IIS-550-HE, IOTA now provides a full selection of emergency lighting solutions designed for California CEC Title 20 requirements that includes unit inverter equipment, micro-inverters, emergency LED drivers, and emergency ballasts for fluorescent and LED Retrofit Lamps.

Learn more about the IIS-550-HE Emergency Unit Inverter here or contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-866-4682!

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