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Saving Energy with the IOTA IIS-550-HE

How the IOTA IIS-550-HE High-Efficiency Inverter Delivers Significant Power Savings

The IOTA IIS-550-HE Inverter System was specifically engineered to decrease power consumption in traditional emergency lighting inverter applications. Featuring an internal microprocessor-controlled charger, the IIS-550-HE is the first emergency unit inverter to meet California Title 20 performance standards and is certified in the CA TITLE 20 Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System (MAEDBS.)

Recent performance analysis has shown
significant power savings with the IIS-550-HE when compared to standard 550W inverter operation. A traditional (normal efficiency) inverter will supply a continuous 'trickle' charge to replenish batteries as they naturally self-discharge. This continuous trickle charge can add up to significant amounts of power over time, and for larger battery supplies, a larger amount of trickle charge is required.

The IIS-550-HE eliminates the wasted trickle charge and essentially cuts the battery off from the AC power supply. Instead, the micro-processor controlled charger delivers occasional short bursts that ensure the battery is maintained only as needed and without the constant need to draw energy from incoming line power. Our recent analysis has shown a reduction of power consumption up to and exceeding 70%! Extrapolated over time, this reduction in power consumption not only helps eliminate unnecessary demand on our power grids, but equates into substantial cost-savings for your facilities!

For additional details on the
IOTA IIS-550-HE Unit Inverter, contact our friendly Technical Services team at 1-800-866-4682 or visit us on-line at

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