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ALCR Control Devices for Normal and Dimming Fixtures

The ETS-DR, and ETS-STEP Auxiliary Control Devices from IOTA allow the use of local switching or dimming controls - or both - on designated fixtures powered by an auxiliary supply, such as a generator or inverter. This eliminates the need for night-lights or 'always-on' fixtures, resulting in increased energy savings and regained control over your interior lighting environment. The ETS senses the loss of normal AC power and allows the fixture to operate from the auxiliary generator supply regardless of local control settings. The ETS will operate the lamps at full light output for as long as the generator is able, and will work in conjunction with any lamp type and fixture on the generator circuit.

ETS-20 and ETS-20-DR

Emergency Control Devices for Multiple Fixtures

The IOTA ETS-20 Emergency Control Device allows the use of auxiliary generator or inverter power on switched fixtures in power failure situations. The ETS-20 senses the loss of normal AC power and bypasses local control devices such as switches, occupancy sensors, or timers, providing emergency power to the fixtures regardless of the control setting. The ETS-20 allows for operation of the load at full light output until normal power is restored or for as long as the generator or inverter supply is available. The ETS-20 will work in conjunction with any fixture on the designated 20 amp circuit per the rated specifications. Allowing for the use of switched fixtures with a generator or inverter supply eliminates the need for night lights and promotes increased energy savings.

ETS-20-DR: Incorporating all the features of the ETS-20, the ETS-20-DR allows for additional dimming control through Dual Zone Dimming Bypass. For more information about the ETS-20-DR, visit the ETS-20-DR Product Page.


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