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The I-4PT-A from IOTA Engineering is a UL Listed emergency ballast that allows the same fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the I-4PT-A switches to the emergency mode and operates one LED 4-pin lamp for 90 minutes at reduced illumination levels. The unit contains a battery, charger, and inverter circuit in a single can and is certified in the CA Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Database. The I-4PT-A can be used with select 13W-42W 4-pin CFL LED retrofit lamps and uses AC output for compatibility with Type A LED lamp technologies. Refer to Page 2 for a list of operable LED lamp models. The I-4PT-A features a dual flex design for connecting wiring to the junction box and the test accessories, and is suitable for use in damp locations.

Input Voltage

(Universal) 120-277V, 50/60Hz

Input Current (max.)


Lamps Operated

Select 13W to 42W 4-Pin LED CFL Lamps

Emergency Operation

90 minutes

Initial Illumination (nominal)

250-400 lumens

Operating Temp

0° to 55° C

Power Factor

≥ 0.9 at 120VAC*


< 20%

Surge Protection

Meets ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2-2002


24 Hour Recharge
7-10 Year Life Expectancy


3.5 lbs


UL and CUL Listed
CA T20 Appliance Efficiency Database
find the UL Mark on this product

*PF ≥ 0.75 at 277VAC

Advantages and Features

Product Advantages

  • AC output for compatibility with Type A 4-Pin LED Retrofit lamps
  • High Efficiency Performance meets CA T20 battery charger efficiency standards
  • Time Delay feature for compatibility with End-of-Lamp-Life Circuitry
  • Open Circuit Isolation protects unit when load is absent


  • Will cold start and operate all specified lamps
  • Long life high temperature recyclable Ni-Cad battery
  • Galvanized steel case
  • Includes test switch and charge indicator accessory kit
  • For use with switched and unswitched fixtures
  • 5-year warranty. See Warranty Page for details.
  • Rated or use in damp locations and plenum fixtures
  • Meets or exceeds all NEC, IBC, and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements
  • RoHS Compliant

Compatible Lamps

The following lamps have been tested and verified compatible with this product. For more information visit our LED Retrofit Section.

Model Number Company
28366 Green Creative
28367 Green Creative
28368 Green Creative
28369 Green Creative
57899 Green Creative
57900 Green Creative
57901 Green Creative
57902 Green Creative
57895 Green Creative
57896 Green Creative
57897 Green Creative
57898 Green Creative
57914 Green Creative
57915 Green Creative
57916 Green Creative
57917 Green Creative
57918 Green Creative
28374 Green Creative
28375 Green Creative
28376 Green Creative
28377 Green Creative
28370 Green Creative
28371 Green Creative
28372 Green Creative
28373 Green Creative
KT-LED94P-H-827-S 2700K Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-H-830-S 3000K Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-H-835-S 3500K Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-H-840-S 4000K Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-H-850-S 5000K Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-V-827-S Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-V-830-S Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-V-835-S Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-V-840-S Keystone Technologies
KT-LED94P-V-850-S Keystone Technologies
12PLG24QHLED30 Maxlite
12PLG24QHLED35 Maxlite
12PLG24QHLED40 Maxlite
11PLG24QVLED27 Maxlite
11PLG24QVLED35 Maxlite
11PLG24QVLED40 Maxlite
458364 Philips
458372 Philips
458380 Philips
458398 Philips
458406 Philips
458414 Philips
458422 Philips
458430 Philips
476069 Philips
476077 Philips
476085 Philips
476093 Philips
S29850 Satco
S29851 Satco
S29852 Satco
S29853 Satco
S9302 Satco
S9306 Satco
S29858 Satco
S29859 Satco
S29860 Satco
S29861 Satco
75034 Sylvania
75035 Sylvania
75036 Sylvania
75037 Sylvania
75038 Sylvania
75039 Sylvania
96799 GE
96798 GE
96761 GE
96769 GE
39289 GE
39282 GE
39276 GE
39283 GE
96801 GE
96775 GE
96689 GE
96771 GE
39288 GE
39277 GE
39275 GE
39279 GE
33956 GE
33969 GE
33974 GE
33975 GE
33994 GE
33997 GE
33998 GE
33999 GE
Sample Specification
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Length: 9.5"

Width: 2.4""

Height: 1.5"

Mounting Center: 9.0"