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ILBDW Emergency LED Drivers

IP66 Rated Emergency LED Drivers for Wet or Damp Locations, NSF Food and Beverage Safe


    CA Title 20
  • Overview
  • Specifications
ILBDW Emergency LED Drivers are UL Listed emergency lighting equipment that allow the same LED fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation in wet and damp indoor environments.

In the event of a power failure, the ILBDW switches power from the normal AC Driver and operates the fixture for 90 minutes in the emergency mode from the unit's battery supply. The unit contains a battery, charger, and converter circuit within an IP66-rated enclosure with a single PVC flexible conduit for connection to the fixture.

The patented Constant Power design of the ILBDW maintains the output wattage to the LED array even as system voltage diminishes, providing a constant illumination level for the full 90-minute runtime. Includes automatic monthly and annual self-testing features as standard.
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Product Type Emergency LED Driver
Voltage Rating 120-277
Frequency 50/60HZ
Load Voltage Rating 15-55 VDC, 20-55 VDC, 55-200 VDC
Output Power 10 Watts, 15 Watts, 20 Watts
Max. Operating Temp. 48
Min. Operating Temp. 0
Battery Run Time 90 min
Battery Chemistry Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Recharge Time 24 hours
Battery Activation AC Activate
Life Safety Testing Self Diagnostics, Self Test
Regulatory Listing C-UL-US, NSF
Compliance Listing CA Title 20, ROHS
Environmental Listing Damp Location, IP66, Wet Location
Series ILBDW

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  • Spec Sheets

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    SPEC SHEET ILBDW CP10 HE SD FBS 10 Watts Constant Power, 15-55 VDC, Self Diagnostic 2/11/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET ILBDW CP15 HE SD FBS 15 Watts Constant Power, 20-55 VDC, Self Diagnostic 2/11/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET ILBDW CP20 HE SD HV FBS 20 Watts Constant Power, 55-200 VDC, Self Diagnostic 2/11/2022 View
  • Technical Documents (e.g. Instruction Sheets, MSDS, CAD)

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    3D Model ILBDW CP10 S STEP File - ILBDW CP10 S model 12/28/2021
    3D Model ILBDW CP10 SLTEST STEP File - ILBDW CP10 SLTEST model 12/28/2021
    3D Model ILBDW CP15 or CP20 S STEP File - ILBDW CP15/CP20 S models 12/28/2021
    3D Model ILBDW CP15 or CP20 SLTEST STEP File - ILBDW CP15/CP20 SLTEST models 12/28/2021
    Accessories Instructions - KIT DWFIXED Accessory Instructions for using the KIT DWFIXED Fixed Mount Bracket with the ILBDW 6/8/2022 View
    Accessories Instructions - KIT DWSUSP Accessory Instructions for using the KIT DWSUSP Suspended Mount Bracket with the ILBDW 6/8/2022 View
    Installation Instructions Manual - ILBDW Emergency LED Drivers Installation manual for ILBDW Emergency LED Drivers 6/8/2022 View
    Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS - 16V-9.6V Lithium-ion Material Safety Data Sheet for 16V and 9.6V Lithium-ion batteries 1/7/2022 View
    Technical Bulletins Comprensión de la Potencia Constante Maximiza la seguridad en las salidas de emergencia utilizando potencia constante real (CP) 4/12/2021 View
    Technical Bulletins The Need for Surge Protection IOTA emergency drivers feature enhanced designs for withstanding exposure to electrical surges. 4/5/2021 View
    Technical Bulletins Understanding Constant Power Understand the benefits of IOTA's patented Constant Power emergency LED driver design 2/11/2022 View
    Wiring Diagram Typical Installation DWG Format - Typical Installation with IPS Test Accessory 12/28/2021
    Wiring Diagram Typical Installation PDF Format - Typical Installation with IPS Test Accessory 12/28/2021 View
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  • Confidential Documents

  • Marketing Material (e.g. Brochures, Sell Sheets, FAQs, )

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Application Guide Contractor Insider - Emergency Lumen Output A quick guide on understanding how wattage correlates with emergency lumen output 9/15/2021 View
    Application Guide ILB CP Lumen Reference Chart Quickly identify IOTA LED Emergency Drivers that meet your desired lumen levels 1/25/2022 View
    Application Guide Tabla de Referencia de Lumen de ILB CP Identifique rápidamente los drivers LED de emergencia de IOTA que cumplen con los niveles de lumen deseados 4/12/2021 View
    Brochures IOTA ILBDW Damp/Wet Flipbook Product and Application Overview for the ILBDW Damp/Wet/NSF Emergency Driver 2/11/2022 View
    Sell Sheet IOTA ILBDW Sell Sheet Design Features and Model Selections for the ILDW Series Emergency Drivers 2/11/2022 View
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