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What's New in IOTA Emergency Lighting Products
   ETS-20-DR   Emergency Control Device Specification Sheet in PDF format Installation Manual in PDF format Wiring Diagrams


The ETS-20-DR Emergency Lighting Control Device allows the use of auxiliary generator or inverter power on switched fixtures in power failure situations. The ETS-20-DR senses the loss of normal AC power and bypasses local control devices such as switches, occupancy sensors, or timers, providing emergency power to the fixtures regardless of the control setting. The ETS-20-DR allows for operation of the load at full light output until normal power is restored or for as long as the generator or inverter supply is available. The ETS-20-DR will work in conjunction with any fixture on the designated 20 amp circuit per rated specifications.

Allowing for the use of switched fixtures with a generator or inverter supply eliminates the need for night lights (Always On fixtures) and promotes increased energy savings. The dimming relay leads accommodate two 0-10 volt dimming zone controls, providing full light output in both zones during emergency mode regardless of dimmer setting.


UL 924 Listed

Dimming Relay leads allow for Dual Zone Dimming Controls.

Promotes energy savings across multiple fixtures

Allows operation of switched or dimmed fixtures on an auxiliary generator or inverter supply

Eliminates the need for 'Night Lights' or 'Always-On' fixtures.

Additional Features:

LED indicators for determining functional readiness and operation modes.

Galvanized steel housing.

Simplified junction box installation.

Meets or exceeds all NEC, IBC, and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements.

Suitable for use in plenum and damp location applications.

Optional jumper loop for connection to alarm, security panel, or other remote trigger device.

5-Year Warranty

Input Voltage (Dual) 120/277V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Load Rating - LED Driver 8A at 120Vac/277Vac, 50/60Hz
per NEMA 410
Maximum Load Rating - Ballast 20A at 120/277Vac, 50/60Hz
Maximum Load Rating - Incandescent 10A at 120Vac, 50/60Hz
Emergency Operation The ETS-20-DR will operate in conjunction with
any lighting load as noted in the specifications
in the designated 20 amp circuit for the
duration of the auxiliary supply
Contact Rating 1A at 30Vdc
1A at 277Vac
Operating Temperature -20 Deg. to 55 Deg. C (-4 Deg. to 131 Deg. F)
Weight 1.0 lb.
Approval UL 924 Listed
Damp Location Rated
UL 2043 Plenum Rated